Why an epoxy floor is good for your home or business.

So you”re curious as to why an epoxy floor is good for your home or business? Maybe you want to add some marble or metallic effect to your kitchen or basement to make spruce up your living area? If you have been looking through modern flooring solutions, you might be disappointed. Traditional flooring like tile, hardwood, and vinyl haven’t really changed for decades and the only systems that do change like carpet can only be used in select areas. Well, what if we told you we know of a flooring solution that can both provide an appealing aesthetic while still outperforming all of the top flooring systems. Would you believe us if we told you it was epoxy flooring? Epoxy flooring is our solution to any of our flooring woes and today, we will be telling you why you should consider PowerCoat epoxy flooring to be your next flooring solution!


Metallic Epoxy Floor

While many people still believe epoxy to be a dull, gray flooring system for use in the garage and commercial settings, we know better! Advancements in the field of epoxy have lead to the flooring system to become one of the most customization systems on the market with options like flake broadcasts, metallic epoxies, quartz epoxies and the newest of all, 3D epoxy systems. Flake epoxy systems are known for their ability to add texture to the flooring but also offer levels of customization like mono-colored or multi-colored flakes while metallic epoxies offer finishes that mimic the appearance of lava, waves, and clouds. The newest epoxy system is also the most interesting as it offers the ability to have custom images, colors, and designs installed under a clear coat of epoxy to keep the eye wandering and the imagination of the designer infinite.


While PowerCoat epoxy offers decorative options, these coatings are still as durable as they come. With professional installation, epoxy will form an extreme bond to the concrete substrate, making it stronger than the concrete it is protecting by up to 5 times, amplifying weight capacity to nearly 14,000 PSI. With this extreme capacity, epoxy is resistant to the adverse effects of impacts, heavy foot & vehicle traffic and even the use of heavy machinery. Along with physical resistances, the seamless and nonporous design of epoxy makes the system resistant to the effects of corrosive chemicals like battery acid, de-greasers and harsh cleaning protocols enforced in health facilities and restaurants. Epoxies’ resistance makes it one of the strongest flooring systems on the market.


What would be the point of installing a flooring if you knew it had to be replaced every few years. This is where epoxy still stands on top with a service life of up to 25 years with professional installation and proper maintenance. With a 25-year service life paired with an extremely affordable maintenance protocol, this makes epoxy flooring a worthy investment as it can actually increase the value of your home with an average 70-75% ROI no matter where it is installed in the home. While epoxy offers a long service life, epoxy can also enhance your concretes structural rigidity, enabling the slab to last much longer than a bare concrete slab in areas like the garage.


The final reason why we think you should use epoxy as your flooring choice is the fact it can be used virtually anywhere. From main living areas with its scratch-resistant and stunning finish to industrial facilities with its high tensile and compression strength, epoxy can serve you where ever you need it!

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