Who’s ready for Spring!?

Who’s ready for Spring!? We know we are, and quite frankly it can’t come soon enough. Warming up the car, sloppy road conditions, shorter days and more prep time to protect your vehicle with a new bedliner, undercoating or epoxy flooring. Yeah, we’re ready for some better weather Being a small business owner specializing in protection, we are always thinking of new ideas to incorporate into our business to offer more and better protection for your vehicle, home or business. That is just what we are doing for the Spring of 2020. Looking into new avenues to further protect your investments. We have a couple in mind that we will be incorporating starting next month. But we would love to hear what you think we can incorporate in the comments below.

Peep the new Scorpion Coating + ride.

Living in the North country, we don’t get the full luxury of services like Uber or Lyft. The distance it takes to get from one place to another requires us drive our own vehicles, since the price of one of those services would just be outrageous right now. Many customers who book an appointment with us, really need to align their schedules with someone else, so they can get picked up and dropped back off. That is about to change!

performance shooting inc
The generic stock google photo of our new business vehicle.

This sweet 2.5l, 165 horsepower all wheel drive Subaru will rock your socks! Not really, but it will be available for customers to use to and from getting their vehicle protected. This should be available in the upcoming weeks as we just work out the fine details of NY registration and inspection. It’s the small things that set us apart from others when it comes to customer service.

Promotions coming up in February

One of our goals in 2020 is to try and work with other local small business owners to provide deals and discounts for on another. So to start us off we have teamed up with Performance Shooting Inc for a February promotion. For the entire month of February, stop in to see Mike and the crew over at Performance Shooting Inc, purchase any firearm ($349.00) or higher, and receive an immediate $50 Gift Voucher to use toward any service that we offer here at Scorpion Coating Plus. This is clearly a win win with no explanation needed. So be sure to double up on your protection this February. Thank us later ;).

February is approaching. It's the month of love,flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocolate. Performance Shooting, Inc….

Posted by Scorpion Coating Plus LLC on Friday, January 24, 2020

Financing Options Available

Just like any other big online retailer, we have and always have had different payment options available. Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Card are the majority that we get. We used to use PayPal and Affirm for financing but we are trying to simplify things this year. We use Square to process any payments via credit or debit card from an invoice that we send when services are rendered. They have conveniently added the option on our invoices for our customers to apply for monthly installment payments of 3,6 or 12 months financing if you so choose So if you always wanted to get your truck that new bedliner and undercoating at the same time, or were on the fence about getting a new PowerCoat Epoxy Floor installed but just needed a little financing, then we may be able to help you. Contact us today to see if you are eligible.

Like we mentioned earlier, we have some new products and services rolling out sometime in February. But before we add any new service or product, we are going to test it to make sure it is up to our standards. I have no doubt in my mind that this product will meet and exceed our standards, so be on the lookout for new products and services to come later in February.

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