Which undercoating is the best to use?

We are going to compare some of the best brands used today. Which one will come out on top!?

Which undercoating is the best to use for a vehicle, is a question that we often get asked and quite frankly, wonder ourselves. Is one brand really better than the other? How long is going to hold up? Is the price going to be a factor? Over the next few months, we are going to try and simulate as close to a real world undercoating test and see what the results are in the Spring.

Since we are in the undercoating business, we hear so many people giving us their opinion on which undercoating they used before, liked or didn’t like. So naturally we often wonder are we really using one of the best products on the market? Is there a cheaper form that will ultimately do the same thing? After some searching, we saw that Repair Geek had already done an outstanding real world undercoating test. I wanted to replicate that test but narrow down the products to the ones that are more popular and or used in our area by other companies. So lets get to it

What products are we testing?

We wanted to eliminate as many variables as possible. Each piece was cut and grind down from the same piece of stock. The two rusted pieces are being used for our Black Max+Armour- Seal for one, and NHOU Back n’ Black for the second.

Each product was applied using two coats based on the instructions from the manufacturer. They were all done on 12/19/2019 and had over 48 hours to cure. To try and re-create and get the most accurate results as if it were your vehicle, we are posting these to our mailbox. These test samples are going to get blasted and covered in snow, ice, salt, rain and mud. They will remain exposed the elements until April 24th 2020.

Here we have all the sample test pieces which includes an untouched one posted to our mailbox on Route 11. This highway gets hit with salt on a regular basis during any snow storm. We were aiming to get these pieces as much exposure to the elements as possible.

At Scorpion Coating+ we are being unbiased with this test. We choose each product that we currently use carefully. Why? Because we stand behind those products 100%. It wouldn’t benefit us or our customers to mess with these results. We have been using Armour-Seal for the last 4 years. While we are extremely happy with how this product performs, we are very open to seeing how other products will hold up, and to be honest the geek inside of us loves to see data first hand.

We want to hear your thoughts on this! Drop a comment below and tell us what you think.

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