When should you get Scorpion Rock Guard?

When should you get Scorpion Rock Guard?

When Should you get Scorpion Rock Guard? This question seems to be one with many different answers depending on who you ask. Scorpion Chip guard, Rock guard both consist of the same thing. Using our Scorpion Bed Liner to add a layer of protection against rock and debri chips from damaging the paint, leaving it more susceptible to rusting.

When is it too late for Scorpion Rock Guard?

Many people will stop in when they can’t tolerate looking at chipped paint around the wheel wells or the bottom of the doors. Generally, if it just started, there is most likely still time to slow down the progression without getting drastic. Depending on the severity of it, we ma be able to offer some help. Not only trying to slow down the progression, but we also try to share some information that some customers may not realize. Generally rust is starting and working from the inside out, and usually starts in hide to reach places, or areas forgotten about.

Check out the photos belows of recent Scorpion Rock Guard we did on this well taken care of 15′ Silverado. The customer took very well care of his truck, but even then rust can happen. You can see from the gallery below, the rust that was showing, and then also the culprit behind the scenes (tucked up aboved the rear fender wheel lining).

How about severe rust?

In the past, we have taken on some jobs, that were, well to be truthful well beyond our expertise. Even though the customer knew that it was going to be just a band-aid and were satisfied with the results, we weren’t 100% satisfied with them. Of course, it looked okay, but when you are dealing with severe rust, the only way to deal with it, is to replace the panel, or completely cut out the section. This unfortunately we no longer have the time or man power to address properly to our standards.

Even though the customer agrees and acknowledges that we do not warrant rust, in those severe cases, we have found that there are usually worse spots hidden that they weren’t aware of. We are not a body shop, nor have we ever claimed to be. So from here on out, we will be more thorough in our rock guard assessment process and recommend a few auto body shops if need be. Once the issues is addressed, we would love to help protect your investment.

So when is the right time or Scorpion Rock Guard?

Simply put, the best time to have Scorpion Rock Guard applied to the exterior of your vehicle is as soon as possible, more so when it is new or like new. Just like if you were to get a bedliner or choose from one of our undercoating & rustproofing packages we always recommend getting these services done when the truck is brand new, or like new and hasn’t been exposed to the harsh Winter elements of our Upstate New York region.

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