What’s changing in 2021 for vehicle protection?

What's changing in 2021 for vehicle protection?
Well, now that 2020 is in the past, lets look forward to what we have in store for 2021 and what is changing or being added here at Scorpion Coating Plus. We too are also on that "new year new me" kick, so we are starting out our new year with a new logo from TLC. Check them out for any and all of your logo needs. You won't be disappointed.

Pricing Changes in 2021

Scorpion Bed Liner

Its been some time, about 5 years to be exact that we haven’t touched our bedliner pricing. With the rising costs of shipping companies, Covid-19, and a few other factors, our bed liners have increased about $25.00 per bedliner. This small increase will help us to offset the cost of shipping of our material from our supplier, the price gouging and inflation of certain items that we use like gloves and plastic that have gone up since Covid-19. This will most likely be the last price increase for another 5 years.

Undercoating and Rustproofing

We have been an avid user of Armour-Seal Undercoating for the past 5 years. Simply put, we love how the product lays down on the frame, and holds up to the elements. As you know we have tested other products over the years, and are currently doing another test as well. Be sure to check those tests out here and our most current one here. Every week, month or year we here at Scorpion Coating Plus, are always learning and trying new things in the fight against rust. We are now going to be adding Carwell product line to our undercoating service. We are currently doing some more testing on it but we plan to add and use these products in the following areas of your vehicle.

  • Inside Door Panels
  • Inside Hood Cavity
  • Inside Truck Cavity
  • Firewall
  • Inside Frame (for no C channel Frame)

We still offer our package pricing, Which we first introduced in August of 2021 and was a great success last year. But being so new, we have had to fine tune some of the pricing of those vehicles this year compared to last year, based on material, and vehicle size. Below you will find the updated pricing for vehicles. LIke any service that we offer, these prices listed are for new or like new (less than one year old) vehicles. So if you have a vehicle that hasn’t had any undercoating done to it since you bought it more than 10 years ago, you can and should expect the price to be a few hundred dollars more than the package you are going to choose.

We will be explaining more of our new undercoating and rustproofing process later on this month when we fully incorporate Carwell Product line with Armour-Seal.

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