What is the best undercoating to use? |2020

What is the best undercoating to use? |2020

With all of the uncertainties that this year has brought, one thing is for certain; that your vehicles undercarriage and frame are still being exposed to the elements today. If you follow along and happen to read our nifty little posts, you will know that last year we took some of the top brands out on the market today, along with the brand we use and put them to the test. If you haven’t had a chance to read that yet, Id recommend you take a skip over here and check it out.

Which undercoating will come out on top?

Like last year, we are going to do another test, to see what undercoating is the best to use for 2021. We plan to use the following six top brands that are out there on the market today.

What is the best undercoating to use? |2020

We are using the exact same brands as last year, with the exception of replacing the Scorpion branded undercoating with Krown. We decided to make this switch for a few reasons. The main reason being that we have had over 10 customers in the last few months switch from using Krown to giving Armour-Seal undercoating their go to rustproofing protection.

We are new to these kind of tests that we do, so there is always room for improvement. This year we are going to take it a step further to try and get even closer to a real world test as possible. We will be taking 6 pieces of metal that have all been grind down to get any and all oil and residue off of them. Each test piece is coated with one of the 6 different undercoatings, according to the manufacturers spec. One of the things we did different this year with our ” stock” paces is that we sprayed it with two coats of spray paint. Lets face it, leaving a piece of bare metal out in the elements, we all know what would happen. Your frame doesn’t come from the factory with bare shiny metal, so to replicate that slightly, we added the spray paint this year. We will then be placing these samples on a piece of lumber and securing it safely to our daily driven pick up truck.

How will this be “real life” testing?

I believe that this will get to as close to real life as possible with so many different products being tested. Driving in the snow, rain, sleet, behind a plow truck, through the car wash. Anywhere and everywhere. We want these samples to get hit hard by everything. Imagine that one December day you have to go to work and get stuck behind a snow plow dropping salt for 15 miles. While the next day its 42 degrees and you’re taking it through the car wash to get as much of the salt, slush and debris off as possible. These are the sort of scenarios that occur in Northern New York.

Ready for the elements

We have our test pieces ready to go. From left to right we have the POR15,Armour-Seal, Rustoleum Pro, “Stock”, NHOU, Krown, Fluid Film. If you haven’t noticed, the NHOU sample we covered in dirt. Why did we do this!? Well from the few vehicles that have come into our location that had previously had the NHOU applied to it in prior years, this is what it looked like. Petroleum Jelly type substance caked with dirt. So we decided to mimic that this time around.

At Scorpion Coating+ we are being unbiased with this test. We choose each product that we currently use carefully. Why? Because we stand behind those products 100%. It wouldn’t benefit us or our customers to mess with these results. We have been undercoating with Armour-Seal  for the last 5 years. While we are extremely happy with how this product performs, we are very open to seeing how other products will hold up over the coming months, See you back in Spring 2021 with the results!

We want to hear your thoughts on this! Drop a comment below and tell us what you think.

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