Vehicle Underbody Cleaning

So you clean your vehicle every chance you get weather its somewhat decent weather in the winter, or a nice day in the Summer, it’s your baby and you like to make it look good. We get it. But are you cleaning the underbody as well? This is one thing that most vehicle owners neglect and fail to properly clean. Even if you just got our undercoating service, the work doesn’t stop there for you. After all, the underbody is the platform that every other component sits on.

Why Clean your undercarraige?

There are many reasons why one should clean their vehicles undercarriage on a regular basis, or as much as weather permits you to. First of all, there is plenty of dust, dirt, road grime and if you live in the Northern Part of the United States, chances are salt has mixed in with all that which can cause major problems months or years down the road. When salt is just resting in crevices of your vehicles underbody, it’s just a matter of time before the dreaded rust begins to start. Rust can damage the integrity of the vehicle in the worst ways.

If I have Rust Will It Come Back?

There is never any surefire way of knowing whether rust will return or not. There is no simple cure-all rust remover that will magically remove and prevent any further rust.

For this reason, there is no such thing as a rust repair warranty from an auto body shop. The metal is often contaminated with microscopic particles that act like seeds which re-incubate and start the process all over again.

Repairing rusted parts and treating them with rust inhibitors may slow down the process to unnoticeable levels.

However, they don’t call severe rusting “cancer” for nothing. It has a tendency to spread because even one cell or other cells on the brink of forming rust can bring it right back overnight.

Cleaning the Underbody of your vehicle.

Cleaning your vehicles underbody is not a simple task, and will probably take you a better part of a day to finish. If you have a vehicle like a truck with a higher clearance, it will be relatively easy to get into all the nooks and crannies. Unlike having a smaller vehicle that may require a jack or lift to get underneath it. Having to remove the tires to get better access. With both a truck and a car, you should also be prepared to remove any and all plastic peices and inner fender wells. Behind these plastic or carpeted sections, is where a great deal of mud, salt, grime get held. They just continue to collect behind your fenders and make their way down into your rockers, slowly rotting your vheicle from the inside out. Which I fimrly believe that is where and how 95% of vehicle panels rot away from.

Moving on from the wheel wells and behind the front fenders if you go down by the rocker panel, you will see removable rubber plugs. These pus may be on the very bottom and or right on the inside of the rocker. These plugs will allow you access to shoot compressed air and or water to clean out any debris that may be inside your rocker and cab corner. If you use water be sure to let it dry before replacing the rubber caps.

One last major culprit to check is inside your doors. Many people overlook this area but it probably sees the most gunk and debris aside from your wheel wells. Every time you roll your window down in the winter or salty snow melts down, some does eventually makes it way past that rubber strip. The water can collect inside the door panel and the bottom pinch. If you remove those one or possibly two rubber tabs on the bottom inside lip of your door you may be supries. This can be blown out with compress air , or you can decide to full take your panel off and get at it with a shop vac down inside.

The last bit of cleaning your underbody?

So even after you just purchased a fresh spray of Armour-Seal Undercoating from us, this is a routine maintenance that should be done at least once a year and we recommend it every spring. Vehicles today are expensive, and get a lot of abuse with them. So take care of you ride and take some preventive measures and it will be sure to look as new as the day you purchased it.

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