Undercoating or Rustproofing; Can you help me choose?

undercoating or rustproofing

When it comes to vehicle protection, especially undercoating or rustproofing, we know a thing or two here at Scorpion Coating Plus. Protecting your vehicles undercarriage from the harsh New York Winters and the elements of day to day driving should consist of a yearly undercoating or rustproofing inspection. Whether you decide to go with our Armour Seal Undercoating packages or our T-32 Rustproofing service after reading this article, rest assure either option will help prolong the life of your hard earned investment.

Before we make some suggestions on which option to choose from, lets take a look at what each service consists of.

Armour Seal Undercoating Packages

We have been using Armour Seal for the better part of five years now. We have conducted a few tests over the last few years comparing some of the top undercoatings in a “real world” application tests. While some of them held up and can be compared to Armour Seal, none of them flat out beat it. With that said, we feel there is no need to change a product that we have had such success with over the years.

In August of 2020 we developed three different types of undercoating packages to offer. These packages range from a bronze one time undercoating to a gold level with a yearly return for a free touch up and inspection. Our package pricing is a one time price that you pay and depending on the level you choose, you will get a reminder in your email when it is time to schedule your appointment for your free touch up.

Armour Seal is a semi permanent polymer blended material that is environmentally safe. Armour Seal will help to give you the most resale value by keeping your frame and chassis looking new for years to come.


When would we recommend considering our Armour Seal Packages for?

To be completely honest with you here, we are a business, and as a business we are here to make money. BUT, we are also here to help you protect your investment and prolong the life of your vehicle. With that being said, we will almost always recommend our Armour Seal packages to any customer with a brand new right off the lot vehicle. When it comes to value, you are getting the best bang for your buck even with our gold package undercoating service, which also uses T-32 oil from Carwell inside the frame rails and doors panels of your new vehicle.

When it comes to a vehicle that has seen many New York Winters we may suggest the solution of our T-32 Rustproofing Oil. Why you may ask? Well you see, the package pricing that we offer is for like new vehicles. So any vehicles that haven’t been treated will almost always need additional material Black Max which is our rust inhibitor that was formulated specifically in conjunction with Armour Seal. So you could be looking at a few hundred dollars more on top of our current pricing.

T-32 Rustproofing Oil from Carwell

We picked up a sample of T-32 Oil from Don over at Carwell in Rochester NY back in January 2021. After we tested in a few things that he had recommended we were shockingly surprised by what an oil base rustproofing could do. So we originally picked up T-32 to use with our Armour Seal packages, specifically inside the frame rails and door areas where the oil will flow much better inside the frame and cover more area, even with our 360 degree wand.

Also mainly like the doors, you don’t want to take the risk of blocking the factory drainage holes. So T-32 lets us achieve the area of protectant while still maintaining the factory drain holes so water and debris can still exit properly.

In late Summer of 21′ we decided to offer T-32 Oil Rustproofing as a stand alone service as well. Because well, we have the product, we like the product so why not offer the product. We have been very satisfied with how this product works, and performs in which this is why we are comfortable enough to offer this product.

Some notable mentions about Oil Rustproofing

T-32 is not like New Hampshire Oil & Undercoating. NHOU, is more of a waxy type rustproofing system that does coat nicely but can also leave large globs of material everywhere. Thus leading to getting on your clothes and hands for months to come. T-32 will soak into the metal over the course of 3 days. You may see a reddish tint puddle here or there, don’t be alarmed, your transmission is not leaking. T-32 has built in rust inhibitors and is environmentally safe. It will not harm your paints finish, nor will it hurt your electrical connections.

When would we recommend T-32 Oil Rustproofing?

There are two types of people in this world, people who love oil rustproofing, and people who don’t. Any type of oil will help the frame from getting that dry flakey scaly rust. It will preserve the electrical and rubber connections as well. So when would we recommend this? Well we would recommend this type of service to anyone with many years of weather and miles that haven’t had any type of protection on their vehicle.

Will this cure the rust? No. But it will slow it down, it will preserve the rubbers from dry rotting as well. We say this, as if you wen thits long with out we are trying to save you some money while still offering some protection for the future.

Things to consider when choosing a service.

  • how old is the vehicle
  • how long do you plan to keep it?
  • Do you trade in often?
  • Have you had any protection on the vehicle to date?

If you still have questions or concerns regarding our services, or if you would like to schedule your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible!

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