Undercoating in Winter?

Undercoating in Winter?

Undercoating In Winter?

One of the most inquired questions that we receive when the weather starts to turn, is can we do Undercoating in the Winter or should I just wait until it gets warmer out.  The simple answer to this question is Yes! Yes we can apply Armour Seal Undercoating In Winter to your vehicle just as well as we can in the Summer.  We are a year round business after all.  If its Okay to undercoat my vehicle, then are there any difference in the process?  That is what I am here to explain to you today. 


While most of us generally have a good idea of when we may get a good vehicle, we can’t always predict how and or when these vehicles will be available.  Since COVID 19, the chip shortage for vehicles caused a massive delay on vehicle production.  I’m not telling you anything new there though.  We can’t always predict though when a dealership may have a good deal, or a sales person calls up to give us a better offer on our used vehicle to upgrade to a newer model. 

Such a good deal, that it would just be insane not to accept it.  So the timing of these new vehicle purchase may not always be in the warmer months.  Since we seem to have an eternity of cold months in Northern NY, when a good deal comes around we usually take it. 

The Process

With the Salt and snow build up in the Winter.  The process of Undercoating In Winter  takes a little bit more time.  We first start by washing the underneath with a product called Nutra-Wash.  This product , washes , lifts and neutralizes the salt that may be on the underside of the vehicle.  Once that is completed, the vehicle is then left to dry for a full 24 hours (or more). 

Once the vehicle is dry, we begin using our Armour Seal undercoating on the full exterior of the frame and underside of the bed and body.  Then we apply T-32 to the inside of the frame, and suspension components.  We then let that cure again for another 24 hours to were you will then be able to pick your vehicle up. 

It is recommended to wait an additional 72 hours before bringing your vehicle to a car wash (assuming the temperature is not freezing). So as you can see, we need an additional day or two while Undercoating In Winter. 

Oil in the Winter months

If you are just looking to have T-32 Oil  done to your vehicle, instead of a 2 hour time line we may need it for a couple additional hours.  T-32 oil does a really great job, like any oil in lifting the water up and stil soaking into the metal.  Depending on the roads, and the snow fall that day, we may need to clean off the undercarriage of your vehicle prior to applying T-32.  

Will I still return during the Winter months for my yearly inspection?

This is one of the things we have changed up this year.  While it is one thing for you to able to get your vehicle undercoated during the Winter, we wouldn’t need it for the same amount of time for your yearly inspection.  As the changes follow, if you get your vehicle done in the months of December to March, you will now have your yearly inspection scheduled for the months of April to July accordingly.   

You will automatically get an email/text message reminder, but with anything of technology sometimes things don’t go as planned. If you don’t happen to receive your notification to schedule an appointment  you can always refer to the tag on the inside of your door of the month you should return.  Feel free to give us a call to schedule you in. 

Why you shouldn’t wait to undercoat your new vehicle.

Regardless of when you pick up your new vehicle.  You should always call to make an appointment , or have your salesman at the dealer call and schedule your appointment with us prior to you even picking up your new vehicle.  What we have found, is that if you wait to schedule your appointment until the weather gets warmer you may just find yourself putting this off.  Sure the obvious we don’t get your business. 

That isn’t the main point here.  The point is, once you put this off for a few months, life happens and you get busy, or you have a new project started.  This then gets put off for a few more months.  Next thing you know, it is now getting close to (if not already) Winter, and we are already booked out 4+ weeks. The amount of money that these vehicles cost, you should always make it a priority to get this taken care of right away.  It should be taken into your yearly costs of maintenance for owning a new vehicle. 


If you still have questions or want to know more about our products or schedule your appointment we are always willing to share the knowledge that we have. Feel free to send us an email or give us a call

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