Undercoating and Rustproofing

Owning and maintaining a vehicle in the North Country is a job all in itself. With our new Undercoating and Rustproofing services here, we are aiming to to take some of that off of your shoulders. As of August 1st we have updated our pricing and features to offer you 3 different packages to choose from that will suit your needs. Read below for more information on our new packages and pricing for your vehicle undercoating protection.

How would undercoating help protect my vehicle?

Undercoating and rustproofing acts as a barrier between the harsh elements today and your vehicles components. Whether it be the frame and chassis or the under-body and wheel wells, adding a barrier between the road salt and debris will only benefit you and prolong the life of your vehicle. Undercoating not only protects your vehicles components, but it also acts as a sound deadener from road noise.

What if my vehicle isn’t like new or brand new?

The best time to undercoat and rustproof your vehicle is when it is brand new, or like new with less than a year of use. Continued introduction to the harsh elements and winters in New York can really pull a toll on a vehicle after only a couple of years. Our new package pricing is for vehicles that are new or like new. But not to worry, we can still help you prolong the life of your vehicle even if it has never had an undercoating, or has not been maintained properly. If your vehicle is showing signs of rust, scaly and flaky rust in spots we will get that taken care of first. We do not sandblast, but will use scrapers, grinders, or wire wheels to remove any of the rusty spots first. Once that is complete, we will then add our Black Max formula to the affected areas. Black max converts the rust, and blocks the oxygen from (one of the main components needed for rust to form) spreading the rust any further. After two coats of Black Max is cured, our Armour Seal Undercoating is added based on the packages that you chose. There is an additional labor charge and charge for the black max.

Undercoating Packages as of August 2020.

See below for our new Armour Seal undercoating packages. If you are unsure of which category your vehicle falls under, please contact us and we can better assist you.

Rustproofing Package Breakdown

Bronze Package: This package is the basic package available. It consists of spraying the frame and chassis only. This is a one time payment and a one time application.

Silver Package: This Package is an undercoating and rustproofing package.  It consists of the frame and chassis, along with the under-body,wheel wells, inside rockers and cab corners, behind tail lights, and tailgate (if applicable).  With this package you will return every 3 years for a free touch up and debris removal for as long as you own your vehicle.

Gold Package: This package consists of everything from the Silver Package, while adding the inside of the door panels as well.  This process consists of removing the interior door panels, and spraying Armour Seal with our 24″ wand down inside the crevice of the lower pinch weld on the doors.  With this package you will also return every year for a free touch up and debris removal for as long as you own your vehicle.

**Packages are not transferable**

Free touch-up and debris removal?

Whether you chose you the silver package or gold package, both include a free debris removal up on return. What is that we remove? Many owners we have found over the past few years of undercoating wash their vehicle as often as possible. Keeping the paint looking brand new. But, is that all that they do? Cleaning out your rocker panels, and behind your wheel wells. Two of the most common spots where sand and salt sit, ultimately rotting out your lower fenders or rocker panels. By removing the wheel linings, and pulling the plugs out of the rocker panels and cleaning them with compressed air and or high pressured water. Once dried, your vehicle will be touched up of any low spots that may have occurred during the last 1-3 years and you are on your way again.

Is there a warranty and additional charges with Silver or Gold Package?

We don’t actually warranty our undercoating. There are too many variables that may come in that are out of our personal control. However this is one of the main reasons that we developed these packages. We are in the industry of protection, so with these new undercoating packages this will allow us to help you further protect your investment for years to come.

What if I already got undercoating prior to August 2020?

If you got an undercoating done by us prior to 2020, and would like to get on the new package plans it is very simple. Upon your return from your original 3 year free touch up, you will be asked if you would like to return every year or every three years. You would then pay the difference of the package you choose, from the price of the original invoice. That simple.

If you are looking for financing options, ask us about our Synchrony Car-Care credit card, where you may be qualified for 6 or 12 month interest free financing.

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