The best undercoating to use in 2020?

If you happen to recall at the end of 2019, we did a small test to see what is the best undercoating out today. Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t done so already, be sure to take a look at our post on which rustproofing product can withstand the elements today.

We took some of the top rustproofing brands that are searched today, to see what ones are going to be the best undercoating to use in 2020. Including the product line that we currently use, and also one that another local business uses. We had a total of 6 different products, applied them all to their own grind down piece of metal. We then attached them one by one to a piece of wood, that was secured to our mailbox. We wanted these samples to get as much exposure as possible to the rain, slush, salt, snow and dirt that they possibly could to mimic what happens to a vehicle in the North Country over the Winter.

Here are the Before and After results.

As you can see from the side by side comparison, leaving your vehicles frame untouched is the worse thing that you can do to your vehicle. Granted your frame comes painted from the factory and is not bare metal like our sample. So any one of these rustproofing would be better than just leaving the painted frame. Even with the mild Winter that we had in Malone, NY can begin the process of rusting your vehicle in just a few short months.

Spring Cleaning

Now I wanted to see what would happen when I shot some high pressure water to these samples. Just like when that warmer weather and sunshine starts to come out, we all immediately think of washing our vehicles. ( Are you fully washing your vehicle in the Spring, or just cleaning the outside? Take a look at our article on the in depth of Spring Cleaning your vehicle.) Making 4 passes with a 15 degree angle on the pressure sprayer about 3 inches away from each sample. Both the NHOU and Fluid Film came off entirely on the second pass, while the other four samples helped up great as you can see.

Final Thoughts of the Best Undercoating to use in 2020.

Some notes to take into consideration. This was my first “real world” testing that I have done for undercoating. For the most part, every product on here seemed to uphold very well in the elements. The black polymer and rubberized coatings actually seemed to out perform everything else, regardless of brand. The fluid Film and NHOU were our bottom two contenders, with Fluid Film performing just a bit better as there is less signs of rust showing.

  • the bottom 4 samples seemed to be submerged in the snow for longer periods of times than the rest.
  • the board didn’t move, unlike a vehicle that is hitting bumps, pot holes and flexing to possibly “crack” any undercoating.
  • screws that were used to fasten the sample were not rust resistant.
  • the un-coated sample was placed at the top, causing any rusty water to run down on the remaining samples.
  • NHOU normally is sprayed out of a gun, as I was brushing this one one. To try and make up for this, I applied more NHOU to the sample than any other to accommodate.

So what is the best undercoating to use in 2020? We can’t tell you which one is the best one to use, because some other factors come into play for each and every person and or installer. Factors like cost, smell, environmental impact, ease of use etc. We can tell you that we are pleased, and will still continue to use Armour-Seal to protect your investments from the harsh elements today!

One thought on “The best undercoating to use in 2020?

  1. Bill Gokey says:

    Thanks for the demo Dan, I’m glad to know I had my Avalanche undercoated, although it has been in storage since Oct.1 . I do have a few other vehicles I’m going to talk to you about in the near future including my new dump trailer and wife’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. See you soon.
    Wm. Gokey

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