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The Toughest Off Road Paint Protection

The Toughest Off Road Paint Protection.

The Toughest Off Road Paint Protection Is Scorpion Protective Coatings The Toughest Off Road Paint Protection for you? If you own a UTV or 4WD, you cannot help but go off-road. Whether hiking, hunting, or camping, having a Jeep, SUV, or truck will come in handy. However, before you take your car off-road, it is […]

Scorpion Rock Guard

Scorpion Rock Guard is one of our biggest services that we offer here in the North Country. Why is that? With the popularity of needing to be the “biggest” truck with the largest tires and newest wheels, comes a price. Rocks, dirt and debris be being shot back from the wider ran tires chipping away […]

Benefits of an Epoxy Floor

So you are in day 9 of Self-Quarantine from Covid-19 and you finally decided it was time to do some Spring cleaning. Starting with getting your garage all cleaned up and organized. Preparing to have an epoxy floor professionally installed in the coming weeks. Why Epoxy is a premier flooring option. One of the toughest […]

Do truck owners need a bedliner?

One of the first upgrades that a new truck owner will consider is to get a spray in bed liner. For people serious about protection and durability a Scorpion Spray in bedliner is the only option! Last week we talked on what are some of the different uses that Scorpion Coating can do. Now we […]