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Why a drop-in bedliner is bad for your truck.

Your truck is your baby. And like any child of yours, you take care of it. You make sure it has the right type of oil and gas. You routinely take it to the dealership or your local mechanic to have it serviced. Any issue that comes up, you quickly have it resolved. You love […]

Why is it important to have a spray in bedliner?

If you own a truck, then you know the importance of having a protective spray in bedliner coating for the bed. After all, truck beds get a lot of abuse – especially if if you use your truck every day to haul items around. That’s why it’s important to get a bed liner to protect […]

Is bed liner bullet proof?

Many times customers ask us about spraying their entire truck. Then we get the “is bed liner bullet proof”! This is not an odd statement by any means, and most definitely not a rare question searched in Google. In fact other bedliner manufactures have had it tested, and was even tested out on Mythbusters back […]

Scorpion Protective Coating Uses?

We talk a lot about the different uses of Scorpion Protective Coating , but really what else can it be applied to? Our answer, just about anything! That is one of the biggest reasons why we chose to use Scorpion Coatings over 5 years ago as our bed liner system. Lets dive into a few […]