Scorpion Rock Guard

Scorpion Rock Guard is one of our biggest services that we offer here in the North Country. Why is that? With the popularity of needing to be the “biggest” truck with the largest tires and newest wheels, comes a price. Rocks, dirt and debris be being shot back from the wider ran tires chipping away at the clear coat and paint down the side of the truck. This leaving the vehicle’s metal vulnerable to the elements, beginning the process of….rust!

Scorpion Coatings bed liner is not is not only used for rock guard on the side of your vehicle. It can be used for your front and rear bumpers, running boards, back racks or anything else that you are looking to protect. Whether it is on your vehicle, home or in a warehouse we have an option and protection package for you.

Color Matching

One of the best features about Scorpion Protective Coatings bed liner is that it has the ability to be color matched, while still being UV stable Color-matching rock guard on the sides of the vehicle is very popular. It gives that factory like finish while still being tough and withstanding. While applying rock guard to your vehicle, we suggest using an additive called Vinyl Flattener. Vinyl Flattener does a couple unique things when added to Scorpion Bed Liner. It reduces the gloss slightly, depending on how much is added. It will also increase the shore hardness up to 10 points. This is perfect for full sprays and rock guard, because it takes an already tough material and makes it stronger to withstand more impact from rocks debris, and anything else you may venture into.

Cost of Rock Guard

Rock guard is $8 a square foot. plus labor and material that may be needed. ie primer, etc. So maybe your looking for the cost of the getting down the side of your vehicle rock guarded, or your front and rear bumpers? We made it simple for you to get a pretty good idea (minus labor and materials) here on our website. Simply get the length, and the width and input those numbers in inches into our calculator and get a pretty good idea on what you may be spending. Note that the calculator for rock guard estimates are only in black. Custom color paint is also an additional charge depending on your paint code.

Rock Guard Warranty

Like our Scorpion bed liner, our rock guard service that we offer also comes with a lifetime guarantee that it wont fade, crack or peel. What we do not warranty however, is damage done due to rust. There is a common misconception from people that “if you bedline it, it will never rust”. This statement is far from true. In our professional opinion, 99% of metal will rust from the inside out. Most common spots (see pictures below) rust will begin on the lower pinch-weld of the doors behind the weather stripping. This weather stripping will hold dirt and moisture and will slowly eat away at the clear coat and paint. It is vital to check and clean these areas periodically through-out the year. This is one of the reasons why we updated our undercoating packages. While we can not guarantee that rust wont happen, by returning every year or three years we can help you prevent and slow down the process.

If you run wider tires on a lifted truck, or maybe you just want some added protection for your daily driver then Scorpion Rock Guard may be just right for you. Contact us today to book your appointment or get your free estimate emailed directly to you.

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