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What’s up all you cool cats n’ kittens? We hope that everyone is staying safe during this Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to take the time to show off a new feature on our site. An Scorpion Price Builder and Estimator that we have been working on completing for some time. We have a few different price building estimators that can be found here. We will take a look at each one here below of some of the different options and how to use them.

Scorpion Bedliner Builder

The first Scorpion Price builder is for our bedliners. You simply start by selecting your bed size, 6 foot or 8 foot. Followed next by a standard spray or a heavy duty spray. Which one is good for you? A standard spray is perfect for 90% of customers. This gives you all the normal protection with the lifetime warranty. Since Scorpion already comes standard UV protected their is no higher price for that type of additive. A Heavy Duty Spray, (HD) are for those people who are really going to use and abuse their truck bed. Many contractors will fall into this category. This option is going to net you a more material built up in your truck bed for those extreme conditions.

Colors: You can choose from any of the standard colrs that Scorpion Protective Coatings offer or contact us with your paint code for a custom color-matched spray in bed liner.Prices will vary based on color chose.

Additional Additives: These additives can drastically change the texture and feel of Scorpion bed liners.

  • Vinyl Flattener: This will reudce the gloss of the spray in bed liner, but will increase the shore hardness. Giving it a matte look with a factory feel.
  • Rubber Crumb: This additive is great to use where skid resistance is of the upmost importance. This will also make it look very aggresive texutre.
  • Gripper Granule: This option is perfect for side steps or running boards.
  • Metal Flake: Simply a cool factor. There are no added benefits of adding metal flake.

You can choose to get a quote on undercoating as well, Simply follow the remaining steps for undercoating to see your estimated price. These prices are only estimated, but wil give you a very close idea of what your spray in bedliner will cost you.

Scorpion Rock Guard Price Builder

Starting off with dimensions of this price builder. This is a great estimtor for anyone looking for rock guard options. This can be used for truck, side steps, boats and so on.

To start simply pick one side of your vehicle and measure (in inches) the length of the area that you want sprayed. Next we are going to get the width of the area. How hight up do you want to go? If you are looking to go up on the doors 6 inches, dont’ forget about the rocker panel area as well. The final section for quantity is how many areas you want done.

This example shows a rock guard coverage of 120" Length while going up the doors 6" including the rocker panel at 4.5" and doing the left and right side.

Next you can choose the color you want from any of the standard colors from Scorpion, or color match to your vehicles paint code. There is additional additives on the next steps, simply choose your additive or none. The next step is very important! If there is any rust , regardless of severity, you will be asked to sign a waiver. Rust is like cancer, and 99% of the time, rust starts from the insdie out. So if you have rust showing on the bottom of your doors, chances are if you pull off the rubber weather strip on the insde of that door, you will notice it rusting. We do NOT warranty any rock guard that has previously had rust. We do remove and grind down to bare metal any rust that we see, and use a special DTM primer prior to spraying the rock guard. Rust will ultimatley always come back. we have no idea when or how long, but the only way to ever get rid of it, is to replace that panel. For that reason we can’t warranty that. We can and will however do our best to protect your invesment from further spreading if possible.

Once that is done, you will get a final price fr what your rock guard protection will cost. This final cost is just an estimate, and does not include labor or sales tax, but will give you a very good idea on where you stand so you can make a good decision if it is worth the proection or not.

Your Final Estimate

We made these price builders for your convenicne. Please keep in mind that these tools are for estimtes only and are not be thought of as a final price. We do not include labor and or taxes in our estimates as one job may require more work or additinal material or addtivies than another.

Once your esimtate is completed, you can book your appointment for your vehicle. The estimate will automatically be included into the email so we will be able to see exactly what you are looking for.

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