Scorpion Coating Plus Services

Scorpion Coating Plus Services

In this news update we are going to highlight our Scorpion Coating Plus Services that we offer, and get into a little bit detail about each service. At the moment and time of this writing, we offer three different Scorpion Coating Plus services specific for vehicles;

While our Scorpion Protective Coating that we use for our bedliners and rock guard is not limited to just automotive. This amazing product can be used on practically anything including boats, atv/utv, decks and patios and even inground pools! But to not stray far from topic lets dive into our services covered here today.

Scorpion Bed Liner

If you own a truck, or are thinking of purchasing a new truck, then one of the first things that you should really consider adding into your budget is a Scorpion Bed Liner. This Scorpion Coating Plus services is our top selling service with 100% LIFETIME warranty scorpion bed liner is one of the toughest on the market today. From standard black to custom paint color-match this product can withstand whatever you throw against it (or in it). The options can be truly endless with this product. From different spray textures and additives to suit your needs to custom logo options and metal flake that can be added to showcase your bedliner to match your style.

Not everyone will use their truck bed the same. So it is important to speak with us about how you use your truck so we can suggest options of a standard spray in bedliner or a heavy duty bed liner. While there is an additional charge for the heavy duty bed liner both options still come with a lifetime warranty.

Scorpion Rock Guard

If you live in the North Country, and are accustomed to driving your vehicle down back country roads, than you know how much damage the rocks and debris can do to the side of your vehicle. Paint chips can be detrimental to a vehicle in the Adirondacks since our Winters can be long and brutal that is generally followed by a lot of salt dropping. With the combination of the exposed metal, the salt and moisture will surely begin to start the process of rust almost instantly.

We get many inquiries about our rock guard service and what seems to be people who are on the fence about getting it. Our #1 suggestion is if you are even remotley thinking of having this service done, then you should do it. You should take advantage of our Scorpion Coating Plus service of rock guard as soon as you get your new vehicle or within a timely manner.

People take for granted how devastating and unforgiving that the North Country elements can be on vehicles. So one year you have a brand new truck, and the following year you have exposed paint and then its the beginnning of the end of your brand new investment.

Just like our Scorpion bedliners that come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and peeling and bubbling, this is no different from our rock guard. If for any reason other than rust something happens to your rock guard, simply get ahold of us in a timely manner so that we can address the problematic areas.

Undercoating and Rustproofing Service

This undercoating and rustproofing service is now offered in three different packages; Gold, SIlver and Bronze. We decided to update these to packages back in around August of 2020. Our goal with this in mind is based on you keeping your vehicle for a minimum of 10 years. Some companies and customers for that matter assume once you get it done once, you are all set to go. Well that may be true if you lived anywhere other than in the North Country.

The elements and weather up here can do some real damage to a vehicle over a period of time. So with our new packages you have the option to return every 1 or 3 years for a free inspection/touch-up if needed for as long as you own your vehicle. No gimmicks.

Undercoating is not intended to be a one and done type service. It is partly a barrier protection your frame and underbody from the rocks, sand and salt. You may take your Jeep rock climbing one day, and come down on a rock hard enough to scrape off undercoating and expose your frame. If you have one of our Gold or Silver packages, its not a problem as it will be touched back up on your next service appointment.

Get in touch with us today to speak about protecting your investments with some or all of our Scorpion Coating Plus Services, and let us show you how we can protect your investment for years to come.

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