Off-Roading With Scorpion, the best on the market.

The Toughest Offroad Paint Protection.

Today we are going to take you on a trip, Off-Roading with Scorpion. While it is true, about 90% of our sprays for customers are bedliners, (which we do enjoy doing). That 10% is the ones that we absolutely love to do. The full vehicle spray with Scorpion Protective Coatings bedliner. While not many people in our area are daring enough to pull the trigger on a full vehicle spray, we appreciate the ones that do. If you use your vehicle what you have built it up to do, than you know that the paint alone will not hold up against the elements that you are bringing it into.

Bed liner on jeep rubicon

Off-roading, like anything else today is a culture.  I written numerous times about the car culture that the exists in the United States.  It is real and can be seen on display at car hops, drive ups and parking lots in small towns on any Summer time weekend.  You will see convertibles, SUV’s, or maybe Jeeps with the top and doors off.   The culture that exists draws these enthusiasts together to share their passion.

Each group has its own niche.  Low and slow for the hot-roders.   Fast and glitzy for the sports cars.  Mud and woods for the off-roads.

The Off-Road Group

The off-road groups are the ones I want to discuss today.  Aside from the fact that Jeeps are one of the most popular vehicles in the United States and hold an amazing re-sale value, they are rugged and extremely effective in the off-road setting.    The bottom line, Jeeps kick ass!  If you are a regular in the off-road scene, you are probably dealing with the dings and dents and scratches that show up after a weekend of Jeepin!

Scorpion Bed LIner; More than a bed liner.

LIke automotive paints, Scorpion has unlimited customization possibilities. These possibilites are endless from different spray texutres, colors and metal flakes, graphics and designs. You have built and used the accessories that you have wanted to achieve a goal, just like you can choose to do so with the exterior “paint” of yoru vehicle.

Add Scorpion Protective Coatings to the mix!

Scorpion’s XO2 truck bed liner is the most customizable option available in the coatings market.  Factor that with second to none durability and it is the perfect combination for the off-road enthusiasts. If you are ready to be bold and stand out from the rest of your group than contact us today, and let us turn your vision into a reality!

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