T-32 Mobile Fleet Rustproofing 

In Early 2021, we picked up an oil based rustproofing product from Carwell down in Rochester, NY.  Carwell has been in business for over 30 years.  Just because they are not on the first page of Google, doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Servicing USPS, Military and School districts, Carwell offers an outstanding line of products.  We are now fully offering one of those product lines, T-32 Rustproofing.  This is an automotive oil based product that effectively creeps into cracks and crevices. Read more Below.

Exceptional rust control – on site, on time, as promised.

Here at Scorpion Coating Plus, We are always looking or ways to help improve our service, without effecting quality. Which is why we are now offering a mobile rustproofing for fleet owners. We have also prepared some FAQ for this service that can be found here.

T-32 Rustproofing;

Lubricates the working mechanisms in your vehicle. Your vehicle’s doors, windows, locks and emergency brake cables will work like new year after year.  It is 100% environmental friendly, safe and non flammable. This product will creep into critical seems and crevices of your vehicle and will actually lift and remove moisture from the steel.  T-32 bonds to steel and forms an active barrier to repel moisture from contacting the steel of your vehicle.  This special formula will absorb into the metal over 72 hours. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs While Extending the Life of Your Fleet

T-32 Mobile Rustproofing System 

  • Protects metal surfaces, electrical wiring, and components from corrosion
  • Displaces moisture and replaces it with a coating of protection
  • Penetrates hard to reach areas such as crevasses, seams, and channels
  • Defies gravity allowing the product to creep upwards, sideways, as well as downward
  • Continues to creep, allowing it to re-coat and re-seal areas which become exposed
  • Sprays over tar, wax, and other rust control products; if such products have cracked leaving the vehicle exposed, the product penetrates those areas, displaces the moisture, and reseals those areas
  • Deters rodents and pests from chewing wires and destroying equipment

Key Areas of protection

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