I want to bedline my entire truck.

If you are going to get a spray in bedliner for your truck and add a thick coat of protective coating to it, why stop there?

While this idea may not be ideal for someone who just purchased a brand new $45k truck with less than 20 miles on it. The paint is near perfect condition, and well its going to take a lot of guts for someone to ultimately mess up their paint at this point in time This option however is for that person who wants to “drive it until it dies”. Maybe you are looking for that different off-road rugged look.

It’s a question that we here at Scorpion Coating Plus, get asked quite frequently, more than a dozen times a year to be exact. A customer wanting to spray their entire vehicle with bedliner, and make it “indestructible”. You are our people, and we love how you think. After all, this is how we got into spray in bedliners to begin with some 5 years ago.

What color options can I choose from?

Scorpion Offers 12 Standard colors to choose from, and a custom color can be done if desired. *Additional charges will apply for other than black.

In addition to nearly unlimited color options, you can also mix and match with maybe a metal flake of some sort, or get crafty and get your favorite teams logo or brand incorporated into the vehicle in a different color. The options are truly endless, and only limited to your own mind.

Keep in my mind, our Scorpion Protective Coating doesn’t just have to protect your vehicle, it will protect anything. Off-Road ATV, UTV, tractor, residential and commercial projects.

So what does this cost?

Sure everyone loves the idea of getting that rugged, beefy off-road look. But like everything there is a price tag that comes with it. When you take into consideration the cost of a standard spray in bedliner that is $500 and $575 depending on bed size that comes with a lifetime warranty, the price tag for a full vehicle spray starts at $2,800. That is for your standard black spray full vehicle. However, with that starting price, we also undercoat your vehicle frame and body as well.($395.00 value) If your going to get the ultimate rust proof package, this is the one to get.

Financing Options.

We have partnered with our Credit Card processing company Square, to offer you flexible financing options on any purchase, this one included. Square offers options for 3,6 or 12 month financing options for qualified buyers. You can simply click here and then apply to see if you are approved. Upon approval you will receive a code that you will need to use use with us within 7 days of your application. If the code expires, you will need to re-apply.

So for those who plan to run their vehicle into the ground persay, this should do the trick Owners will never have to wax their pickups again. And off-roaders, in particular, will appreciate that they won’t have to worry about scratches on their paint from tree branches or other hazards. The coating is about a sixteenth of an inch, thicker a standard paint job.

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