Garage Floor Epoxy

So you seem to have had some time on you hands to think about Garage Floor Epoxy now that you have been stuck in your house for the better part of 2020 with Covid-19.

Many consider the garage as part of the living space within a home.  You spend time there, for some it becomes a “man cave” or “she shed”.  Others use it as a covered area to sit and relax.  Either way, spending quality time there means you should treat it like the rest of your living space.  Clean, dry and tidy are the way you keep the other sections of your home so why not your garage.  

The garage has many uses.  Why?  It is versatile and usually offers an open covered area with lots of space.  Events, birthday parties, and maybe the weekly poker game can all be found here.  A comfortable space is key to this and starting at the bottom is a good start.  A decorative epoxy floor is eye catching and really shows that you are committed to offering the base space for your gathering.  

Why install a decorative epoxy floor? 

  • Looks Great
  • Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long Lasting
  • Wow Factor
  • Unlimited Creative Options
  • Extend the Life of the Floor
  • Unbeatable Warranty
  • Financing Options

What do you get with a Garage Floor Epoxy?

An epoxy floor system will offer a protective barrier to the poured concrete.  This layer of protection will extend the life of the floor.  Winter salt and grime is harsh on a bare floor.  It accelerates the degradation.  Not only do you get this protection, but how about liquids that may leak from your vehicle?  Anti-freeze, oils, grease all are no match for a chemical resistant epoxy floor. Plus, they are easy to clean up and do not leave the long term nasty stain like they do on bare concrete.    


Absolutely, simple additives can be used and embedded into the epoxy and sealed with a polyaspartic top coat.  Even when wet, quartz additives will offer a safe surface.  The quartz additives add style and decoration to create a truly unique look.  

We offer swatch books to be viewed by the owner to fully grasp what the end product will look like.  With so many options this is an advantage to fully understand the versatility that Scorpion PowerCoat Epoxy offers.  

Decorative Chips

Quartz Additives

Metallic and Solid Color Options

These coatings are not limited to just garage floors.  We have found numerous businesses and entities that have and are enjoying the benefits of PowerCoat Epoxy.  

  • Industrial
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Office

Are you ready to begin your new Epoxy Flooring?

We are offering $1.00 off per square foot on our PowerFlake Epoxy flooring, from no until the end of July. Want to get a quick estimate? Check out our new Price Builder. If you are ready, or want a more detailed quote, contact us today for more information on all the different types of designs for your next project, or to book an appointment and get scheduled in.

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