We have put together some of our most common FAQ (frequently asked questions) for our products and services here at Scorpion Coating Plus  below for you to view. These FAQ are periodically updated and you will find the most current answers below the questions.  If you still have questions or concerns after browsing this section please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions that you may have. 

Scorpion Protective Coatings

How long will you need my truck for a spray in bed liner?

Generally we will need your truck for 2 days.  The first full day the bed is cleaned, prepped and sprayed.  You can pick it up the following day after 12:00 p.m.  This is the minimum cure time needed.


What sort of custom jobs can you do?

Anything!  No, seriously we can do any job that you wish. Color, texture, custom graphics. Shoot us an email, or give us a call to discuss your project.

What are my options for a bed liner?

We spray all bed liners “standard” with black unless otherwise discussed.  We have a few different additives for grip, texture, and hardness.  We can add a metal flake, color-match, Scorpion color or even different texture patterns depending on your needs.

*Price varies based on options added.

How much will it cost to rock guard my truck?

 Our rock guard services starts at $8 a square foot + labor.  Square footage, vehicle condition, and paint options will play a factor in the price. You can enter in the dimensions of the application you want sprayed on our price builder page for a general idea.

What is the Warranty on a bed liner?

Lifetime!  That’s right a lifetime warranty is offered on all bed liners that are done by Scorpion Coating Plus, LLC. Please see our terms and conditions for additional warranty details.


Can you spray my (Insert Something)?

Most likely, as long as it doesn’t involve animals or humans.  Scorpion can be applied to metal, plastic, wood, concrete, boats, patios, atv, utv, and so on and so forth.  Simply fill out the form here to get in touch with us.


I have surface rust, will this stop it?

The short answer, No. Once rust is present, regardless of the severity it will always return.  When rust is present, we will grind it down to bare metal, apply a DTM primer prior to spraying the rock guard.  Due to rest being present, you will need to sign a waiver that acknowledges the rust. 

Do you offer discounts for First Responders?

Yes!  We believe that a small discount is the least that we can provide on a spray in bed liner for the time and effort you all put forth to keep us safe! Contact us for more information, or mention your profession when booking your appointment.

Armour-Seal Undercoating

Is this an oil based undercoating?

No. Armour-Seal is a semi-permanent, high strength rubberized polymer blended undercoating.

Do I need to return every year?

Our Armour-Seal Undercoating can potentially be good for up to 5 years of protection from one application, the North Country weather can be brutal to a vehicle.  This is why we developed three different packages for undercoating.  You have the option to return every year or every three years for a free touch-up and debris removal.

My frame is bad, will this help?

Yes.  While we can’t just use Armour-Seal if it is rusted. We first need to apply two coats of Black-Max (additional charge).  Then we apply the Armour-Seal.  Learn More about our Black-Max here.

What can you apply Armour-Seal to?

Armour-Seal can be applied to frame, chassis, brake lines, leaf springs, oil pan, transmission pan, inner door shell, inner rockers and more.

How long will you need my vehicle for?

During the Spring/Summer months, we will need your vehicle for two days max.During the Winter months, we will need an additional day, as it needs to be cleaned with a certain solution that will remove all the road salt prior.

How much does it cost?

Please check here for our 3 different packages that we offer for undercoating based on your vehicle and fit your needs.  *Please note that these prices are for new or like new vehicles.  Additional charges will apply for older frames needing work. 

What is undercoated?

Depending on the package that you choose, will ultimately depend on what gets undercoated and rust proofed. 

What if I had my vehicle undercoated prior to new pricing and packages

You will be able to purchase one of these new packages upon your 3 year return of your original spray.  You will not pay the price listed, but will be discounted in accordance to your vehicle if you choose to.

Why is it chipping from my wheel wells?

This will most likely be a common thing.  The undercoating on your wheel wells is now acting as a barrier between rocks and debris your panels.  So it is not uncommon for this to wear off.  It is doing what it is intended to do and will be touched up if needed depending on your package you choose.

Do you warranty undercoating?

Unfortunately we cannot warranty undercoating, and or even the possibility of what may happen from the time we undercoat your vehicle to the time you return.  There are to many variables that may occur.  With our new packages, we are aiming to help you further the life of your vehicle as many people forget to clean out these crevices after every Winter.

Vinyl Wraps

What is a liquid Wrap
At Scorpion Coating Plus, we utilize a reversible polymer coating solution to give you the ability to customize and protect your car, truck, boat, bike, wheels, calipers, grilles, emblems etc by applying a durable yet completely removable rubber coating available in any color imaginable with multiple finishes and sheens. The best part is it literally costs a fraction of what a traditional paint job or vinyl wrap costs…….Oh…….AND IT’S REMOVABLE.


Not only is the product durable and removable when applied properly, it will protect your original finish in all conditions as well….including the nasty salty/sandy/icey New England winters.
How long will a liquid wrap last?

Once scheduled we will have you bring it in as early as you can and it will most likely take a minimum of 12 hours to complete. Some dips will require the car to stay overnight or 2 nights depending on the finish and what other details we are completing. We make sure your vehicle is cleaned and prepped properly and we ALWAYS put enough coats/product on to get maximum durability and peel-ability!

How long will it last?

Liquid Wrap will last years without having to be retouched. It is very durable and will not lose it’s bond. If you ever need a touch up, liquid wrap can be applied to areas for a fraction of the cost of a paint job touch up.

Will it hold up to the Elements?

Liquid Wraps are extremely resistant to the elements, including sun fading, winter ice, cold, salt ect. It will not dry out or freeze and the salt and sand have no effect on the finish.

Will a liquid wrap damange my paint?

Liquid wraps have been sprayed on thousands of vehicles and removed with no damage to clear coat at all. Now does that mean it will never happen? If the clear coat is in bad shape and peeling/degraded already, I’d say there is a higher chance of there being an issue.

How can I wash my vehicle after?

Liquid Wraps are much more convenient when it comes to washing. It does not require as much upkeep as factory paint.For the best and longest lasting results, we label Liquid wraps as Touch Free, meaning the wrapped areas of your car need not to be wiped down with bristles or clothes. Do not go through track car washes, as the track can scrape your rims. A touch free car wash is recommended.Never rub against the sides of the dipped areas. And once you get a liquid wrap, its recommended not to touch the areas at all for one full week. That allows the sun to completely cure the wrap.Yes it is safe to drive the vehicle before the week is over.We understand that Liquid Wrap is new age, and not everyone knows how to care for it, although very easy to clean, we make sure you leave fully understanding the product so you can enjoy it for years to come!

Power Coat Epoxy

What is the cost?
Epoxy PowerCoat starts at $4.50 to $5.50 per square foot for standard chip and quarts finish.  Metallic PowerCoat finishes starts at $6.50 to $8.50 per square foot.  If there is a crack repair larger than 10 ft total, an additional $150 will be added, if its less than 10ft, there is no charge.  There are many design and protection options available.  It would be best to get in touch with us, and we can provide you with a free estimate.
What color Flakes do you offer?

There are thousands of different colored polymer flakes available.  You can view the most common used ones here.

What are the colors of the epoxy?

Just like the flakes, the colors are truly endless.  To a solid color, to a mix and match marble, or even a metallic color.  Get inspired with color ideas here.

Do I need to prep anything?

Absolutely NOT!  Our labor is part of the price per square foot.  The only thing we would ever ask you to do, is move any belongings out of the way.  We will gladly help move any items as well. 

How long will it last?

We offer a 20 year warranty on all epoxy floors.  As long as they are maintained properly there is no reason they should not last a lifetime!

How long will it take?

Every job is different.  But it will take approximately 2-3 days to complete the job, and a cure times can vary depending on the weather conditions.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash, check.  We can also send an invoice via Square, and you may apply for square installments.  We do require 30% deposit prior to an epoxy floor installation. The remainder is due upon completion. 


How long is an estimate good for?

All estimates are good for up to 14 days.  If the time has passed since, a new free estimate may be needed.  This is due to the possible changing of material increases from our distributors.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, or cash.You can also apply for financing thru Square here.  If approved you will be able to choose from 3,6 or 12 month payment plans. 

We are now offering Synchrony Car Care credit cards.  With interest free payments for 6 or 12 months upon approval based on spending.  Ask us today about applying for Synchrony Car-Care.

What is the warranty on lighting products?

Most products are backed by a 3 year warranty,XB fog lights are backed by a 10 year warranty.. Please see description of product for accurate warranty.

Can you install lighting products?

At this time, no.However feel free to contact us and we can recommend you a few retrofitters that specialize in your make/model.