We have put together some of our most common FAQ (frequently asked questions) for our products and services here at Scorpion Coating Plus  below for you to view. These FAQ are periodically updated and you will find the most current answers below the questions. 

If you still have questions or concerns after browsing this FAQ knowledge base section please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions that you may have and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Scorpion Coatings

Generally we will need your truck for 1 full  day.  The first full day the bed is cleaned, prepped and sprayed.  You can pick it up the following day after 9:00 a.m.  This is the minimum cure time needed.

Anything!  No, seriously we can do any job that you wish. Color, texture, custom graphics. Shoot us an email, or give us a call to discuss your project.

We spray all bed liners “standard” with black unless otherwise discussed.  We have a few different additives for grip, texture, and hardness.  We can add a metal flake, color-match, Scorpion color or even different texture patterns depending on your needs. *Prices vary based on different additves.

 Our rock guard services starts at $8 a square foot + labor.  Square footage, vehicle condition, and paint options will play a factor in the price.

The short answer, No. Once rust is present, regardless of the severity it will always return.  When rust is present, we will grind it down to bare metal, apply a DTM primer prior to spraying the rock guard.  Due to rest being present, you will need to sign a waiver that acknowledges the rust.

Yes!  We believe that a small discount is the least that we can provide on a spray in bed liner for the time and effort you all put forth to keep us safe! Contact us for more information, or mention your profession when booking your appointment.

Please ensure that your bed is as clean as possible and free of debris.  If you have a tonneau cover 5th wheel, try to have it removed prior to your appointment or an additional labor charge may be applied.

Undercoatings & Rustproofing

No. Armour-Seal is a semi-permanent, high strength rubberized polymer blended undercoating.

Our Armour-Seal Undercoating can potentially be good for up to 5 years of protection from one application, the North Country weather can be brutal to a vehicle.  This is why we developed three different packages for undercoating.  You have the option to return every year or every three years for an inspection and touch-up if needed.

Yes.  While we can’t just use Armour-Seal if it is rusted. We first need to apply two coats of Black-Max (additional charge).  Then we apply the Armour-Seal.  Learn More about our Black-Max here.

During the Spring/Summer months, we will need your vehicle for two days max.During the Winter months, we will need an additional day, as it needs to be cleaned with a certain solution that will remove all the road salt prior.


You will be able to purchase one of these new packages upon your 3 year return of your original spray.  You will not pay the price listed, but will be discounted in accordance to your vehicle if you choose to.

Unfortunately we cannot warranty undercoating, and or even the possibility of what may happen from the time we undercoat your vehicle to the time you return.  There are to many variables that may occur.  With our new packages, we are aiming to help you further the life of your vehicle as many people forget to clean out these crevices after every Winter.

If possible, please make your vehicle is free from any large amounts of sand or mud.  Run it through a car wash if possible.  Failure to do so will result in additional charges, and additional time needed for to undercoat and rustproof your vehicle. 

Yes Carwell T-32 and CP-90 are both oil based rustproofing products.

Yes. Just as we perform annual maintenance on our vehicle, and change the oil to maintain its effectiveness, Carwell’s T-32 rust inhibitor needs to be reapplied annually to maintain its effectiveness. When you bring your vehicle to us each year, you will receive a complete reapplication of our T-32 rust inhibitor as if your vehicle is being serviced for the first time. Annual service is not a “touch-up” or an inspection.

No. Carwell’s T-32 rust inhibitor is a petroleum-based chemical which is dialectic, and it actually insulates electrical wiring. We do avoid getting overspray on the electrical sensors during the application process.

No. It is not designed to remove existing corrosion. Carwell’s T-32 rust inhibitor is designed to penetrate to the good metal and set up a barrier to repel moisture and contaminants.

T-32 Mobile Rustproofing

Yes, at Scorpion Coating Plus we are committed to using both safe and environmentally friendly products.

Absolutely. As for our team, they will work in almost any type of weather to ensure our customers fleet is protected. As for the product, it is specially formulated so that it lifts and displaces moisture, leaving a coating of protection that repels moisture and the harmful elements that cause rust.

Yes, at Pro Fleet Care, we strive to meet the many needs of our customers. We can organize an appropriate time frame that best suits your needs.

No. We regularly work with customers who have vehicles that are already showing signs of rust when we begin treating them. With regular treatment we have found that we can extend the life of the equipment significantly.

In most cases a vehicle will need to be treated annually. In some rare instances where a vehicle is subject to an extreme environment/conditions, a more frequent schedule may be required. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

No. We regularly work with customers who have vehicles that are already showing signs of rust when we begin treating them. With regular treatment we have found that we can extend the life of the equipment significantly.

Your trucks can be washed right after application, however, we would recommend that you wait 48 to 72 hours after application, in order to let the product to penetrate more thoroughly.

We can spray vehicles/equipment in any condition. In some cases where vehicles have an extreme build up of mud on the underside, we recommend the underside and wheel wells be power washed.

Auto Parts & Accessories

Confused about with or w/out Stake Pockets and or Wide Rail options? Learn More