Do truck owners need a bedliner?

One of the first upgrades that a new truck owner will consider is to get a spray in bed liner. For people serious about protection and durability a Scorpion Spray in bedliner is the only option!

Last week we talked on what are some of the different uses that Scorpion Coating can do. Now we are going to dive into the most popular choice for customers when it comes to Scorpion Coatings, a spray in bedliner.

For most owners, the decision to get a spray in bed liner is an easy one. Especially after a bit of research they will easily know that a Scorpion spray in bed liner is the ultimate truck bed liner protection, with an unbeatable lifetime warranty. However for others the decision is less obvious. Some owners may choose to go a different route and use a rubber mat, plastic drop in bed liner, or keep it bare metal. While we would highly suggest staying away from a plastic drop in bed liner, any protection for the time being is better than none. The problem with a plastic drop in bed liner, it is almost a third the cost of a spray on liner, but the damages it will do to a truck bed over the coarse of just a few simple months are shocking. Rubbing on wheel wells, causing the paint to chip, water and other chemicals getting underneath and staying there will surely eat away at the metal over time as well.

Things to consider before getting a bed liner.

Do truck owners need a bedliner?
  • Truck beds take abuse and unprotected beds get scratched, dented, chipped or faded causing rust and corrosion.
  • Truck bed materials don’t matter- whether it is rolled steel, aluminum and composite all take a beating and will show signs of wear after the very first use.
  • Drop-in bedliners cause more problems than they solve. They scratch the bed trapping debris and moisture which helps promote corrosion and rust.

Why Scorpion is the best bed liner for your truck bed.

  • Scorpion bedliners provide superior protection against scratches, dents, abrasions and other physical hazards while preventing leaks, rust and corrosion.
  • Scorpion Coatings form a permanent, mechanical and chemical bond to the truck bed and are guaranteed for life against cracking, bubbling or flaking.
  • Scorpion Bedliners are made from a scientifically advance compound that is Voc-free and resists stains from harsh chemicals.

How much does a spray in bedliner cost?

We are serious about protection, and competitive when it comes to pricing. For a standard 6′ truck bed (most common bedliner) starts at $540 after taxes. A standard 8′ truck bed is $621 after taxes. Most people will be perfectly fine with a standard spray in bedliner. We offer options like extra material that is geared more toward contractors who are going to really get the most out of their truck bed. What other options can be added to your bedliner?

  • Vinyl Flattener- This will reduce the sheen but also increase the shore hardness of the bedliner.
  • Custom colors- Scorpion offers 12 standard colors, but a custom color paint can also be added to get a perfect paint match.
  • Rubber Crumb- Rubber granules than produce a more aggressive look, while increasing the non skid properties.
  • Metal Flake- Adding metal flake will you give you a one of a kind bed liner and can really show your personality. Contact us today to see about adding metal flake to your bedliner.
  • Custom logos-Maybe you have a favorite sports team or a certain brand logo you are wanting incorporated into your bedliner, we can do that.

So, Do truck owners need a bedliner? A Scorpion Bed Liner should be a truck owner’s first aftermarket upgrade. By applying Scorpion to a new or used truck bed, truck owners instantly get the peace of mind and confidence needed to know their truck beds have the best protection available

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