Do I need a bed liner!?

Do I need a bed liner!?

Do I need a bed liner. or is this just a way for a dealer to make more money off me? One of the first upgrades a new truck owner makes to their pickup is a spray-on truck bed liner. For people serious about durability and guaranteed coverage, Scorpion Protective Coating is the only way to go.

A question that often crosses the minds of new truck owners is whether or not they need a bedliner. They’ve heard from friends, read things online, but just really aren’t sure what to do, but they know they need to do something.

For most owners, the addition of a bed liner is an easy decision; and after a bit of research, they learn the best choice is a Scorpion spray-in bedliner from their local spray in bedliner shop.  For other owners, the decision is less obvious. They may ask themselves if they need a truck bed liner at all. You’ll see trucks all over the country used in a variety of different ways, and with different kinds of truck bed protection. Some owners may choose to keep their truck beds bare, with no additional protection from gouges and scrapes.  But that’s not the best option for preventing rust. Any protection is better than nothing and there are several choices out there: spray-on bed liner, DIY bed liner from a can, plastic drop-in liner, or other drop-in materials like carpet or rubber mats. When it comes to reliable truck bed protection, there’s only one choice for owners serious about getting the most out of their pickup trucks, and it’s based on years of research and experience.

Do I need a bed liner with different options?

The average truck owner typically uses their vehicle for either work or casual and recreational purposes. It’s what trucks are for after all. Work truck owners expect superior performance under tough conditions and deliver punishing abuse to a truck bed throughout the workday.  The option of adding more material to your work truck for a heavy duty scorpion bed liner will pass all expectations for a work truck that takes high abuse.

The causal truck owner also wants top performance, but with an assurance that a bedliner will help preserve value and look great for the life of the truck. And with many of today’s ultra-premium and high-performance trucks ranging from $45,000 to over six figures, the decision to protect is easy and in most cases, costs about the same as one truck payment. That’s a pretty small investment for a lifetime of protection.

Things to consider before getting a bedliner.

  • How am I going to use the bed of my truck?
  • Do I want to be bold, or is a standard black one fine for me?
  • Am I going to keep this truck for 10+ years.
  • If i do this awesome unique spray, will someone else appreciate it if i sell it in the future?

Those are just a few things to consider when looking at what type of spray and bedliner you want installed in your new truck. Are you the construction worker, constantly throwing lumber and materials in the bed of your truck? A suggested Heavy Duty bed liner would be your best bet. Do you plan to drive this truck into the ground and not purchase another vehicle? Maybe you want to stand out from everyone else and have some metal flake added, or a two tone logo of your favorite sports team? These options are always available, but if you don’t’ plan to keep your truck for more than a few years, always consider the resale aspect of your decision when it comes to custom options, especially sports teams 🙂 .

Here at Scorpion Coating Plus, we not only offer the standard and heavy duty options of bedliners, but we also have the ability to spray any custom color to color match your bedliner with your truck.. The ability to customize the bedliner while still being 100% UV stable with not additional charge, unlike other bed liner companies!

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