Carwell T-32 Rustproofing Service Available

Carwell T-32 Rustproofing Service Available

Carwell T-32 Rustproofing Service Available September 2021!

With Winter quickly approaching in Upstate NY, we are pleased to announce a new Carwell T-32 Rustproofing service now available. Earlier this year we picked up some T-32 oil based rustproofing from Carwell in Rochester, NY to add to our Armour Seal Undercoating.packages. We picked this up originally to add inside the frame rails of our package pricing and Armour Seal Undercoating. Since we area already carrying the product, we are deciding to offer it as a full service rustproofing. Read below for more details.

What is T-32 Rustproofing?

T-32 Rustproofing is an automotive oil based rustproofing formula developed by Carwell in Rochester, NY. T-32 is an extremely versatile protectant with rust inhibitors built in. By design, it creaks into cracks and crevices and penetrates good metal and the rust inhibitors begin to go to work. T-32 stops rust in its tracks. It will penetrate through existing rust and corrosion and create a bond with the good metal. But it is more than just Corrosion Control!. It penetrates and lubricates keeping working parts working year after year. It reduces electrical and electrical wiring breakdowns caused by corrosion (a.k.a “greening”). It can be used on virtually any metal and any level of corrosion.

How is this different from our Armour Seal Packages?

Armour Seal Undercoating is a semi-permanent blend of undercoating that we use to coat the exterior of the frame and the body panels that are most left exposed to the elements. Armour seal acts as a barrier between the panel and the debris that may get trapped, extending the lifespan of your vehicle. We have used Armour Seal for the last 5 years and are very impressed with the results we get by it. We offer three different packages that deal with a combination of Armour Seal and Carwell T-32. You can find more information on those packages and free yearly touch ups here.

Do I need to return yearly if I get this Rustproofing done to my vehicle?

The question we got asked a lot in the past, and hence the reason we originally switched to packages with our undercoating services. One should never think of an undercoating as a one time application and it will last for xx amount of years. That is just unheard of, and if you do hear it, you really shouldn’t believe it at all. So with our new T-32 Rustproofing, like Krown, or NHOU products, it is best to return every year to get a fresh coat applied to the frame, chassis and underbody of your vehicle. T

his will help to ensure that your frame always has some type of protectant on it. LIke anything you don’t have to return every year, but with the harsh NY State Winters it is highly recommended to get a recoat after each year.

Is this product messy?

Even though this is an oil based product, it honestly is not nearly as messy as products like NHOU or other cavity wax type products. The great thing about T-32 is that once applied, it begins to go to work, speaking in and creating a bond with good metal. After a few days, the rust inhibitor properties have done their job, and you should not see any more leaking or dripping, and is completely fine to wash your vehicle.

What is the cost?

You can view the cost of the T32 Rustproofing service by checking out our prices here. The Prices listed for our T32 are a price that you would pay each year to have this service done. As always if you have any questions or want to book an appointment, just click the link below to get in touch with us.

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