Can I get my vehicle protected in the Winter?

Can I get my vehicle protected in the Winter?

Can I get my vehicle protected in the Winter?

Can I get my vehicle protected in the Winter is probably one of the first few things on someones mind, especially if they just purchase a new vehicle Let’s face it, there is no certain time when a deal is too good to pass up is going to come around. So getting your vehicle protected even in the Winter time in Northern NY should always be one of the first things to consider.

What are my options for Winter protection?

We off the same protection services year round. We have our Armour Seal Undercoating packages and we have our T-32 Oil Rustproofing from produced by Carwell. So depending on how new your vehicle is, you can always take a look at this article if you are unsure of which option is best for you and your budget. I will dd though. for brand new off he lot vehicles, I will always recommend our Armour Seal Packages, and which package you want to go with is completely up to you.

Which option would you recommend when we have snow on the ground?

Again there are many factors that play into our recommendation for you on which option is the best. Here are a list of questions to consider when thinking about undercoating your vehicle, and which option to go with when it is not Winter.

  • How new is the vehicle?
  • How long do you usually keep your vehicles?
  • Is this your daily driver or just for snow?
  • Are you going to keep this vehicle for 10+ years?

So with all of those things listed above you may have an idea of what package you may want to go with. So our recommendations for protection in the Winter time is as follows.

If you don’t mind being without a vehicle for a few days, and you have a brand new vehicle, then we would highly recommend our Armour Seal Undercoating packages, in which you can choose which package best suits your budget. Now if this is your only vehicle, and you can’t afford to be down for that long, and you want to get some sort of protection on your vehicle even if its temporary then I would recommend the T-32 Rustproofing.

T-32 Rustproofing in the Winter in Northern NY.

This option is probably the best option for the Winter months in Northern NY. T-32 can be applied in as little as one hour. As long as your vehicle is not severely covered in snow you can be done in under 60 minutes. If you’r appointment is for a day that we happen to have a storm, then a simple wash to get the majority of snow off your vehicle prior to the application will be perfectly fine.

T-32 is designed to lift any moisture and penetrate the metal and soak into it. With this option this will give you some piece of mind or the current Winter, and in warmer weather you can then choose to get and Armour Seal undercoating if you so choose, or stick with the yearly T-32 Rustproofing.

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