Bedliner Options

So you just purchased a brand new Ford Tremor from your local Dealership and the first thing you want to get is a Bedliner from an Authorized Scorpion Protective Coating Dealer. Well that is great to hear, and we sure appreciate your business. But with Scorpion, you don’t have to stick with just a standard spray in bed liner, we have many bedliner options that can suit your needs

Should I get a bedliner?

There are many benefits and advantages of getting a spray in bedliner. First and foremost you are supporting a local owned and operated business and we appreciate you. Secondly, if you are going to spend some serious cash and or monthly payments on a truck, what is a few hundred dollars to get a lifetime warrantied spray in bedliner tailored to your needs? We get it, you may not have all cash right on hand, which is why we have different payment options from bank or credit card to monthly payments via Square for qualified borrowers.


  • Truck beds take abuse and unprotected beds get scratched, dented, chipped or faded causing rust and corrosion.
  • Truck bed materials don’t matter-Rolled steel, Aluminum and Composite all take a beating and will show signs of wear after the very first use.
  • Do-It-Yourself bed liner products cannot match the same level of durability and aesthetics as a spray in bedliner.
  • Drop in bedliners cause more problems than they solve. They scratch the bed while trapping debris and moisture which helps promote corrosion.
  • Factory-Applied and other spray on bedliners offer basic protection but can deteriorate and fade quickly.

So now lets get into some of the different sprays and additive options that you can choose after making an appointment to make your bedliner one of a kind.

  • Standard or HD Bedliner
  • Custom Color
  • Vinyl Flattener
  • Gripper Ganule
  • Rubber Crumb
  • Metal Flake

Standard Or Heavy Duty Bedliner

Our standard spray in bedliner is just that. Its standard black forumla that is more than adequate enough for 90% of our customers out there. It gets the job done, looks great and performs as needed with a new glossy finish. Our HD Bedliner is that of the standard, but with an extra gallon of material sprayed in the bed. This type of bedliner is perfect for the contractor or the customer who truly uses their truck bed to the full extent. If you are one of these people who puts their trucks to work then this is the bedliner you should choose.

Custom Color

One of the things that makes Scorpion unique is that we can add one of Scorpions 12 standard colors, or you can color-match your bedliner with your paint truck. This option is more popular with our Rock Guard than it is with a full spray in bedliner, but we have done them and it all comes down to preference.

Vinyl Flattener

What is Vinyl Flattener? This flattener is a powder additive that when added to the bedliner, it reduces the sheen, and also increases the shore hardness. So if Scorpion wasn’t tough enough, there is an additive to make it tougher?! This option is perfect for the person who likes that matte look and wants to increase the hardness of the bedliner for a bit more usage.

Non-Skid Safety Additives

The next to additives; Rubber Crumb, and Gripper Granule really change the bedliner. Both of these additive can transform the bedliner into a more aggressive looking liner. These are great for that non-skid option that is needed. We suggest using the Gripper Granule on certain items like running boards or steps of rear bumpers, you wont’ be disappointed .

Metal Flake

Lastly we have Metal Flake. There isn’t any performance enhancement with adding metal flake to your truck bedliner. However it will kick up the cool points by about +35. This additive can truly make your truck bedliner stand out from the rest, adding a custom touch of metal flake that maybe matches your paint? Or just get creative and weird with a multi-color flake for 100% originality.

Protect Your Investment

Whatever bedliner option that you choose is completely up to you. It is your truck, your investment, and it can define who you are. Ask us about any of the options that you want and we can help you choose the right one that will fit your needs. Whichever options that you choose, rest assure that it will still always be a Lifetime Warranty. Protect your investment today!

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