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Scorpion Bed Lined Jeep Rubicon

Scorpion Bedlined Jeep JL,

We get asked by customers more times than we can count on how much that it will cost to spray an entire vehicle. We do have a starting price, but no two vehicles are the same, or the customer final outcome of what they want to do. So like always the best option is to […]

Scorpion Price Builder

Scorpion Protective Coating Price Builder

What’s up all you cool cats n’ kittens? We hope that everyone is staying safe during this Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to take the time to show off a new feature on our site. An Scorpion Price Builder and Estimator that we have been working on completing for some time. We have a few different […]

Is bed liner bullet proof?

Is bed liner bullet proof?

Many times customers ask us about spraying their entire truck. Then we get the “is bed liner bullet proof”! This is not an odd statement by any means, and most definitely not a rare question searched in Google. In fact other bedliner manufactures have had it tested, and was even tested out on Mythbusters back […]

The best undercoating to use in 2020?

Best undercoating to use in 2020

If you happen to recall at the end of 2019, we did a small test to see what is the best undercoating out today. Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t done so already, be sure to take a look at our post on which rustproofing product can withstand the elements today. We took some of the […]

Benefits of an Epoxy Floor

Benefits of an Epoxy Floor

So you are in day 9 of Self-Quarantine from Covid-19 and you finally decided it was time to do some Spring cleaning. Starting with getting your garage all cleaned up and organized. Preparing to have an epoxy floor professionally installed in the coming weeks. Why Epoxy is a premier flooring option. One of the toughest […]

Bedliner Options

Bedliner Options

So you just purchased a brand new Ford Tremor from your local Dealership and the first thing you want to get is a Bedliner from an Authorized Scorpion Protective Coating Dealer. Well that is great to hear, and we sure appreciate your business. But with Scorpion, you don’t have to stick with just a standard […]

Is undercoating needed?

is undercoating needed

Today we’re going to discuss The good and the bad with undercoating and is undercoating needed on my vehicle? For those who deal with arctic climates or live in areas that frequently use road salt or mag chloride, it can be a lifesaver to protect the undercarriage of your daily driver. The question we need […]