Armour SEal Undercoating

Why choose Armour Seal Undercoating?  When you need an undercoating done to protect your new or used vehicles frame and chassis, where do you go in New York to get that done? Well you may start searching for “Undercoating Near Me“, or look through social media for the best undercoating for your vehicle. Either way you have found us and we are so happy you are here. At Scorpion Coating Plus, we specialize in quality preventive vehicle maintenance and protection.  Read below for more information or fill out our form for your free no obligation quote today!

Why Choose Armour Seal Undercoating?

Our rustproofing that we use is one of the best on the market today.  Don’t believe me?  It is used by just about every municipality in New York, as well as bus garages and the U.S Military.  ARMOUR-SEAL is a semi-permanent, high strength rubberized polymer blended, frame & chassis component undercoating.  It is sodium, magnesium and calcium chloride resistant and has passed salt spray test ASTM B-117 at greater than 1000 hours!


Years of Protection

Armour Seal Undercoating

Frame & Chassis

undercoating,rustproofing,Armour Seal Undercoating

All frames welcome

undercoating,rustproofing,Armour Seal Undercoating


undercoating,rustproofing,Armour Seal Undercoating

Blocks oxygen and prevents rust from spreading further.

undercoating,rustproofing,Armour Seal Undercoating

Years of rusting clearly present on this frame.

undercoating,rustproofing,Armour Seal Undercoating

Transformation of the first coat of Black Max working hard.

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Our Process

Our pricing below is for new or like new vehicles. For older vehicles, or vehicles that are already showing signs of wear, an additional charge and labor may occur.* We begin by putting compressed air to places that hold pockets of dirt, using a  wire brush to knock off the scaly stuff, and sometimes putting a 4″ angle grinder to areas that need real attention.  Once the prep work is done we get busy applying Black Max (a rust converter first), which not only stops any existing rust in it tracks, it also stops any new rust from forming by blocking out the oxygen. 

The areas that we coat are the outside of the frame rails, brake and fuel lines, wheel wells, fender wells, the bottom of the cab, bottom side of rocker panels, bottom side of the bed, and inside of the rear bumper. Undercoating itself also acts as a sound deadener to help keep the road noise down.  

*Any vehicles with very dirty or rusted undercarriages will need extra prep work in order to coat them properly, therefore an additional charge of $65/ hour will apply. along with an additional charge for applying Black Max.  New or like new vehicles will not need several extra hours of prep work so the prices listed are the price you pay (not including sales tax). 

Scorpion Coating Plus undercoating

Package Descriptions

Bronze Package.  This Package consists of spraying Armour-Seal on the frame and chassis only. This is a one time application.  

Silver Package  This Package is an undercoating and rustproofing package.  It consists of the frame and chassis, along with the under-body,wheel wells, inside rockers and cab corners, behind tail lights, and tailgate (if applicable).  With this package you will return every 3 years for a free touch up.

Gold Package This package consists of everything from the Silver Package with the exception that you will be able to return every year for a free touch-up of any low spots for as long as you own that vehicle.

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