3 Different Undercoating Packages! Which is the best for you?


Here at Scorpion Coating Plus, we pride ourselves in not only using some of the best Undercoating products on the market today, but more so, our continued research into those products. Sure we could say this one is the best or that one isn’t that good, but that’s just another opinion. So instead we like to try out different experiments with our products to see how they hold up. Maybe there is another product out there that is comparable that costs less money which in turns saves you money, but we haven’t found it yet!

As of August 2020, we changed up our Undercoating & Rustproofing services to offer different packages. THese different packages range from a one time undercoating spray to a yearly return with free undercoating inspection and touch ups as needed for as long as you own that vehicle. Serious, there is no gimmick or catch behind it. As long as you own that vehicle and purchased either or Silver or Gold package undercoating, you can rest assure that you can get the protection you need in the harsh elements of Upstate New York.

Bronze Undercoating Package

This is our basic undercoating package that we offer. This is a one time shot of Armour Seal Undercoating on the frame and chassis of your truck, or your complete frame/underbody of your car and SUV. There are no free returns or touch ups with this package. This package is especially great for car/truck owners who want to add protection to their vehicle for a minimal cost. This undercoating package is especially great for vehicle owners who don’t use that vehicle during the Winter Months.

Silver Undercoating Package

This Package is a great service for those who want the ultimate protection for their vehicle, but are also the same buyers who may look to trade their vehicle in every few years. With this Undercoating Package your truck will get the following sprayed with Armour Seal Undercoating:

  • Frame and Chassis
  • Underbody
  • Wheel Wells
  • Rockers/Cab Corners (CP-90)
  • Lower Box Section
  • Inside Frame Rails (Cp-90)
  • Front Hood

We use a new to us product called CP-90. It was developed by Carwell in Rochester NY. This company has been in the rustproofing business for over 30 years, and being from the same state, they know what our long harsh Winters can be like. So it was really a no-brainer to add them to our services.

CP-90 is an oil based product that soaks into the metal. It has a rust inhibitor inside of it, and low rose type smell. This product will seep into cracks and crevices that are problematic to rustings easier than Armour Seal. We only use CP-90 inside of the frame rails and rocker/cab corner area. The exterior of components are sprayed with Armour Seal. With this package the only additional price that you may incur is if we need to use Black Max during your three touch up/inspection before adding additional armour seal to areas that may need it.

Gold Undercoating Package

This package is the cream of the crop, the pièce de ré·sis·tance. This package includes everything from our Silver Package, with the exception of a yearly free return for an undercoating inspection / touch up if needed. This package is great for those customers who plan to keep their truck for more than 5 years, and may even go as long as 10+ years. With this package, there is also no other charges that you will incur even in the event that Black max rust inhibitor may be needed.


You can check out the image below, or follow this link for our pricing. The prices tat are listed are the proces for Brand new vehicles off the lot, and those that have not seen a Norther Winter yet. You may have purchased a 2020 truck at the end of the year, but that vehicle has now gone through and seen snow, salt, debris. So even though it is less than a year old, it may or may not still be considered brand new depending on how the frame and underbody look. If you are unsure of it, you can always get in touch with us and we will gladly check it out.

Undercoating Packages

Even If your vehicle isn’t’ brand new off the lot, you will still pay the same prices based on your vehicle category, but there may be an additional charge prior for Labor and Black Max prior to undercoating it. It is always best to contact us prior and let us check out the frame, and give you an estimate prior to us doing the work.

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