Is bed liner bullet proof?

Many times customers ask us about spraying their entire truck. Then we get the “is bed liner bullet proof”! This is not an odd statement by any means, and most definitely not a rare question searched in Google. In fact other bedliner manufactures have had it tested, and was even tested out on Mythbusters back in 2017.

One of the first videos that pops up is from YouTuber JustDustin having some items sprayed by Line-X and shot at. With a great video that he has produced. Luckily, we don’t use Line-X here, so its a great opportunity for us while we are all on lock-down from Covid-19 to mess around with some Scorpion Protective Coatings.

Different types of Bed Liner Additives and Textures.

The great thing about bed liner, and Scorpion is that the ability to apply different textures and additives to the material to give the customers the protection that they need and want. A few of the different additives that can be used in Scorpion bed liner is rubber crumb, gripper granule, vinyl flattener are some of the most common ones used depending on useage. The gripper and rubber crumb are both great for an aggressive look, and non for a more non-skid surfaces, like running boards or steps. Vinyl Flattener is a very popular additive with us, it increases the shore hardness by about 10 points, and gives the bedliner a much harder more dense feel, that can be compared to a factory spray in.

Testures can vary as well when spraying in a bed liner. From Rough textures, to smooth. Adjusting air pressure, nozzle size, and the spread can all change the outcome of the look of a bedliner. For our standard size we have dialed in our guns to give a nice tight like texture. This is standard and done every time, unless specified otherwise by you our customers. The last great option, is a Heavy Duty Liner. This is for the 20% of customers and construction workers who really use their truck beds on a daily basis. This HD bedliner does cost more money, it is going to net you double the thickness of our standard bedliner. (Disclaimer, while we do provide a lifetime warranty, we will not warranty a standard bedliner that is willingly used for construction purposes)

Scorpion Coatings and Performance Shooting

Now lets roll in to what we have planned for a test. We are taking this old tank top and covering it with Scorpion Bedliner. This is going to mimic and HD bedliner, with the vinyl flattener additive to it. We are then going to bring this down to Mike at Performance Shooting Inc, and exercise our 2nd Ammendment rights and have some fun, i mean do some tests and record some data!

Our plan is to have this little demonstration done and completed by the end of April, or the first couple weeks of May. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page, and subscribe to our newsletter here to make sure you stay in for the updates, as we will announce when we plan on having fun..gathering data.

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